Sara Louise’s Keto Mushroom And Tomato Omelet

Sara Louise's Keto Mushroom And Tomato Omelet 1 onion Large10 eggs1 mushrooms Package1 Tsp Pink Himalayan salt1/2 Tsp Pepper1 to matoes Large or...
Keto Spicy Egg Plant

Sara Louise’s Mediterranean Style Keto Spicy Eggplant

This is a Mediterranean style keto egg plant recipe, there are so many ways of preparing an egg plant of keto, Thai, Indian just take your pick.


Halloween keto pumpkin muffins recipe

Sara Louise’s Healthy Keto Pumpkin Muffins

These keto pumpkin muffins are so low carb, healthy and yum you can power through them at breakfast time or eat as mid morning snacks. The choice is yours.
Keto Mushroom And Tomato Omelette

Sara Louise’s Keto Mushroom And Tomato Omelette

My keto mushroom and tomato omelette is a fun and quick breakfast recipe to prepare for you; or all the family members. Get started with my omelette and have a great frying pan for this one.
keto stuffed omelette peppers

Sara Louise’s Keto Omelette Stuffed Peppers

My keto omelette stuffed peppers recipe is a motivating tasty way to start any day of the week also. The recipe is just bursting with flavor and will provide all the energy you need to get on with a busy day.
keto egg loaf recipe

Sara Louise’s Keto Egg Loaf

This keto egg loaf is a yummy breakfast that you won't forget in a hurry. My keto egg loaf recipe is the perfect easy make-ahead breakfast for on those active and on the go
Sara Louise's Keto Baked Avocado, Egg and Smoked Salmon

Sara Louise’s Keto Baked Avocado, Egg and Smoked Salmon

Get the day off to an awesome start with Sara's tasty keto blend of baked avocado, egg and tasty smoked salmon. This really is a stunning keto breakfast idea featuring the stalwarts that are baked avocado, eggs and yummy smoked salmon.
Sara Louise's Keto Skillet Salami & Grilled Onion Sunny Side Up Eggs

Sara Louise’s Keto Skillet Salami & Grilled Onion Sunny Side Up Eggs

What, a Keto Skillet Salami & Grilled Onion Sunny Side Up Eggs? When it comes to mouth watering breakfasts; these early morning risers benefit...
keto scotch eggs recipe

Sara Louise’s Keto Scotch Eggs Recipe

Simple and delicious breakfast Scotch eggs that really pack some punch each time you make them.
keto blueberry yoghurt parfait - Keto Blueberry Yogurt Parfait

Sara Louise’s Healthy Keto Blueberry Yoghurt Parfait

What could be better than my crunchy keto granola mixed up with fresh blueberries and full fat Greek yoghurt to make this delicious and filling keto blueberry yoghurt parfait.
Keto Bell Pepper Eggs

Sara Louise’s Keto Bell Pepper Eggs

How about starting your week day with Sara's keto bell peppers? If you love eggs then this will really up your game. You will love these keto bell pepper eggs at the weekend when there is a little more time to savor the tempting flavors.  How can you refuse such a tempting early morning riser.





Sara Louise’s Keto French Bread

Lots of people mistakenly believe that bread is off limits while following a low carb ketogenic diet. Why, well simply because bread is associated with a high carb count.
Keto Lifestyle Quiz - keto quiz - keto diet quiz

Play The Keto Quiz For Expert and Beginner Keto Dieters

With this free fun to play keto quiz you can easily test your true knowledge of the keto diet. Determine just how much you really know about the ketogenic way of life. Are you ready to accept the challenge?
Walmart Keto Shopping List - Walmart Printable Grocery List

A Handy Printable Keto Walmart Shopping List

Printable Walmart Keto Grocery List For Those Elusive recipe Ingredients


The Best Food Processor For Your Kitchen

The Best Food Processor For Your Kitchen

So we spent well over 50 hours researching the best food processors on the market. After all those hours spent we feel that the Cuisinart Custom 14-Cup Food Processor is the best choice for people trying to cook Keto meals.
Instant Pot Review Roundup - Top Pressure Cookers - best electric pressure cooker

The Best Electric Pressure Cooker Under $110

We spent well over 40 hours of in depth research and testing to find you the best electric pressure cooker for under $110! When we say in depth research and testing, we mean cooking over 15 pounds of brisket, 12 pounds of rice, and 13 pounds of beans. That’s a lot of food!

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Sara Louise's Keto Turkey Boulette and Rice

Sara Louise’s Keto Moroccan Salmon

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Who doesn't love a low carb keto Nicoise salad, a beautiful, lightweight lunchtime salad of tuna, roasted potatoes, green beans, eggs, and vinaigrette dressing.


Sara Louise’s Keto Sour Cream Cucumber And Dill Salad

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Keto Chicken Paprikash

Sara Louise’s Keto Hungarian Chicken Paprikash (Instant Pot)

So you have a new Instant Pot or pressure cooker and you are in the mood for chicken? Great if so and you are in the right place. If you love great low carb chicken dinners then this Hungarian themed chicken paprikash is a star of the show.

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Sara Louise’s Keto Ham and Cheese Stromboli

The good thing also about my keto thinhead pizza recipe is that you can experiment with a wide variety of healthy toppings