The Best Online Colleges for IT Degrees and Keto Accreditation

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You want accreditation from online colleges for IT degrees; perhaps to become a full time ketogenic lifestyle coach. Or to use an IT degree from an accredited university or college to add merit, authenticity, trust and confidence to  future ketosis teachings and trainings. To use online colleges to build a fully fledged ketosis training institute, the list of possible educational opportunities is endless.


The question is are online colleges able to give you a great education as well as that all important piece of paper?  Is it even a viable question to ask what the Best Online Colleges for IT Degrees are?  The answers might surprise you, but YES, you can get a good IT degree or keto accreditation from an online college, learning center or ketosis institute.


One of the most important things is to make sure the online college is accredited by a credible organization such as a respected college.  Of course you also have to know in detail what’s important to you, for your education, when choosing an online university, learning center or online college. At the end of the road what do you intend to use the degree for? Many people want to become fully fledged keto coaches and an online degree can provide the trust and credibility to secure that dream.

The Best Online College for Your IT Degree or Keto Accreditation

That’s right, don’t forget the most important word of this sentence, namely “Your”.  Indeed, your needs are what really determine which are the best online colleges for IT degrees and ultimately becoming a certified coach.

  • Work in the IT department for a large company?
  • Start up your own IT firm?
  • Be the “tech guy” for a startup?
  • Or get promoted above your current position?

The answer to this will have a lot of bearing on which online college will be best for your IT degree and accreditation.  Other very important questions to ask and consider about IT degrees and keto accreditation are:

  • How flexible is the online IT program (e.g. can you do the classes at any point in time, or must you video conference or attend lecturers with professors at pre determined time)?
  • What will the cost be for gaining your IT degree from each of the various online colleges and learning centers?
  • Do they offer financial aid to help you get that IT degree or any other contributions?
  • How much support do they give (i.e. do you have to motivate yourself all on your own, or will they help with the process)?
  • What is their policy for transferring existing credits from other traditional and online colleges and universities?
  • How hands-on is the online IT course?
  • How rapidly do students achieve their IT degrees?
  • Do any online college degrees steer towards specific outcomes such as ketosis coaching?

It can be challenging, and sometimes overwhelming to decide which is the best online college for an IT degree. But one tip that might help is to develop some helpful sentence comparisons. For example, “I’m willing to spend $8,000 extra at college A because they offer much more access to their professors than college B.”

Which Are the Best Online Colleges for IT Degrees and Keto Accreditation?

Now that you’ve started to prioritize which components are most important in your online college education, it’s easy to eliminate some of the unsuitable colleges and shortlist the better online colleges and institutes. But there are a lot of good accredited schools also. It can be rather arduous to try to analyze them all to determine which one of them is the best online college for your IT degree and ketosis training and education.

And to help out, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best online IT programs with some info that might make your research a little easier. If you are planning on selling courses online or creating digital products then these are all credible IT degree institutes and universities that can add much trust and credibility to these endeavors.


New York University

  • About 1/2 of their students finish their IT degrees within 3 years.
  • About half of the classes are between 2-9 students, and the other half between 10-29.
  • 3 hours / week of professor office hours.
  • $1,720 / credit

North Carolina State University

  • About 5/6 of their students finish their IT degrees within 3 years.
  • About 2/3 of the classes are between 3-10 students, and the rest between 10-28.
  • 2 hours / week of professor office hours.
  • $1,407 / credit

Virginia Tech

  • Almost 3/4 of their students finish their IT degrees within 3 years.
  • About 75% of the classes are 25+ students.
  • 6 hours / week of professor office hours.
  • $925 / credit

University of Southern California

  • About 2/3 of their students finish their IT degrees within 3 years.
  • Most classes are between 11-21 or 49-99 students.
  • 6 hours / week of professor office hours.
  • $1,937 / credit

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In a world where so called experts can set up online courses overnight gaining accreditation in the form of an online degree from a recognized university provides an unbeatable edge towards securing success. There is no definitive list of “best online colleges for IT degrees” or “ketosis institutes” that applies to everyone.

By understanding your own specific goals and needs, you can figure out which online college is best for you. You see anyone can write high quality educational articles about ketosis but accreditation super charges the trust that such information conveys. In fact a degree is a great investment that adds authenticity, trust and credibility to ketosis trainings and online courses that you may go on to create and promote.

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