Sara Louise’s Keto Authentic Guacamole

Guacamole is delicious on its own terms or when combined with other sides and main meals, nachos probably spring to mind.
low carb keto Nicoise salad

Sara Louise’s Keto Salad Nicoise

Who doesn't love a low carb keto Nicoise salad, a beautiful, lightweight lunchtime salad of tuna, roasted potatoes, green beans, eggs, and vinaigrette dressing.
Spicy Tuna Bomb

Sara Louise’s Keto Spicy Tuna Bomb

If you love exotic and original seafood dinner dishes then this stunning keto spicy tuna bomb recipe with authentic Tunisian flair could be just the dinner idea that you have been waiting for.
Keto Creepy Crawly Spider Deviled Eggs

Sara Louise’s Keto Creepy Crawly Spider Deviled Eggs

Creepy crawly spider eggs I hear you say, oh joy, just what I wanted. Yet stop just a second as these keto creepy crawly spider eggs are way more fun than you may have imagined.
Sara Louise's Keto Hummus

Sara Louise’s Keto Hummus

Hummus is one of the most popular Middle Eastern foods that Americans have fully embraced. It’s now commonly thought of as a must have health food for vegans and vegetarians. If you are on keto you need to pay attention to my keto hummus recipe and avoid the processed hummus you will find in shops.
Sara Louise's Keto Easy Beef Lettuce Wraps

Sara Louise’s Keto Easy Beef Lettuce Wraps

Sara Louise's Keto Easy Beef Lettuce Wraps 3 Pounds ground beef1/4 yellow onion chopped into small cubes1 Cup tomato puree no sugar added1/2...

Sara Louise’s Keto Tuna Sliders

  Sara Louise's Keto Tuna Sliders 3/4 Pound Sashimi-grade tuna1/2 Tbs dijon mustard1/2 Tbs olive oil1/4 Tsp paprika1/4 Tsp black pepper1 Tsp kosher salt1/4...

Sara Louise’s Keto Falafel Balls

Sara Louise's Keto Falafel Balls 1 Tsp Pink Himalayan Salt3 Garlic cloves minced1 Cup riced cauliflower3/4 Cup Almond flour1 Tbs cumin1 Tsp cayenne...

Sara Louise’s Keto Tehini sauce

  Sara Louise's Keto Tehini sauce 1 cup whole tahini1/2 Tsp Pink Himalayan salt1/4 Tsp Pepper2 cloves fresh garlic1/4 cup lemon juice3/4 cup water1...

Sara Louise’s Keto Beef Kebabs

Sara Louise's Keto Beef Kebabs 3 Pounds ground beef2 Medium onions chopped into very small cubes1 Cup parsley finely chopped1 Tsp black pepper1...

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