007 keto martini

Sara Louise’s Keto 007 Martini

I do know that my keto 007 martini cocktail might help most regular keto dieters who miss the occasional beverage.
cold brew coffee keto coffee liqueur recipe

Sara Louise’s Sinful Keto Coffee Liqueur

Coffee lovers subscribing to a ketogenic diet often ask if this means that their favorite snacks and beverages must go by the way side. As we say many times over the keto diet is a lifestyle diet that can rejuvenate even the most tired and carb laden recipes. My keto coffee liqueur will make you eyes light up and you can take that to the bank.
Sara Louise's Keto Bulletproof Iced Coffee

Sara Louise’s Keto Bulletproof Iced Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is insanely popular for the obvious reason that nobody wants to drop coffee from their intake.
keto pink lemonade

Sara Louise’s Keto Pink Lemonade Recipe

Sparkling lemonade is one of the most refreshing drinks that I know and even better when made pink. In fact it's so easy to make keto pink lemonade.
Keto Mulled Fall Apple Cider

Sara Louise’s Keto Mulled Fall Apple Cider Recipe

With the advent of the colder autumnal months and beyond that winter anyone can see that Fall is coming. This is a lovely time of year and there are lots of celebrations that invite all kinds of yummy recipes such as on my Halloween recipe page for instance.
10 Yum Low Carb Drinks and Keto Smoothies

10 Yum Low Carb Drinks and Keto Smoothies

I find that keto smoothies seem to be my go-to treat right now because they’re so easy to whip up in the kitchen blender. Now, if you’re a really creative person, you can make some pretty darn delicious smoothies and beverages without all of the guilt that’s normally attached to them.
Keto Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe

Sara Louise’s Keto Bloody Mary

My keto Bloody Mary cocktail recipe comes together with Tito's vodka, lemon and lime and a few dashes of tabasco sauce, along with the remaining ingredients as outlined in the recipe below. The end result is a beautiful and relaxing keto Bloody Mary that cannot fail to impress.
Sara Louise's Keto Bulletproof Chai Tea

Sara Louise’s Keto Bulletproof Chai Tea

We can't all love bulletproof coffee in the same way that you either love cats and hate dogs or vice versa. Of course consider yourself lucky if you like tea and coffee and cats and dogs since you really do get the best of everything!
Keto Chocolate Milkshake

Sara Louise’s Lush Keto Chocolate Milkshake

You certainly can enjoy lush, healthy chocolate milkshakes while following keto or paleo eating plans. This keto chocolate milkshake recipe is an old time favorite that I rustled up.
keto irish coffee

Sara Louise’s Keto Bulletproof Irish Coffee

I present my popular keto Irish bulletproof coffee recipe for you to brew, taste and enjoy in the luxury of post dinner surroundings.

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