You Can Eat Fruits on Keto, These Are The Best 8 Fruits to Try

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Fruits are often known as nature’s candy but you can eat fruits on keto. In fact on keto there are plenty of great fruits that you can munch on. Did you know that fruit is something we grew up as youngsters just knowing they were so good and healthy for us.

However fruit does contain variable amounts of sugar. So this sugar content makes fruit a food that some believe should be reduced or avoided when following low carb diets like keto. These being diets on which you’re also supposed to limit your carb intake to 20 to 50 grams. If you pay attention there is no need not to have some fruit on the ketogenic diet, lets look closer

You Can Eat Fruits on Keto

However you will be pleased to learn that you don’t have to take fruit completely out of rotation when you’re trying keto. This is because there are some types of fruit that are low in carbs while high in fibre. This low carb/high fibre combination fit the keto diet’s restrictions very well indeed so you can eat fruits on keto after all.


That said knowing how to calculate your net carbs is very useful in making certain that you don’t get yourself out of ketosis. So if you love your fresh fruit and want to keep devouring delicious, healthy fruits while on keto here are eight types of tasty and very healthy fruit you can eat happily on the keto diet and any time after.


Eat blackberries on keto diet

Eat blackberries on keto diet

Did you know that there are about seven grams of carbs and four grams of fibre in just half a cup of fresh blackberries. This means that eating blackberries in moderation or blending them with smoothies or salads is a healthy and tasty keto fruit to try out.


Eat avocados on keto diet

Eat avocados on keto diet

So tasty avocados are one of the best, freshest and tastiest fruits you can have while on the keto diet. In fact there are so many health benefits of consuming avocados on a regular basis. Since avocados are a healthy fat and loaded with good fibre.

Not only that, avocados can be added to a huge plethora of awesome keto friendly recipes. Many of these keto recipes can be found here such as tuna and avocado, salads, wraps and many others. You will never be limited by choice when it comes to picking out delicious avocado recipes as part of a ketogenic eating plan.


eat grapefruits on keto

Eat grapefruits on keto

Grapefruits are said by many dieticians to be a great weight loss food. Grapefruits go so well with so many recipes as accompaniments. They pack a real punch in smoothies and when freshly squeezed also. In fact grapefruits will add easily the perfect taste of tangy fruit to your keto diet, so what more could you ask for than fresh grapefruit?


eat lemons on keto diet

Eat lemons on keto diet

Lemons are great for more than just your morning warm water concoction; or for adding some zest to sparkling water. There are so many uses for tangy citrus lemons; such as for grilled shrimp and lemon chicken. Could there be a more perfect combination than this? Just move out the canola or rice bran oil and replace it with avocado oil. You will find that this recipe makes the best keto meal when enhanced with fresh, zesty lemon for a noticeable extra tangy kick.


Eat limes on keto diet

Eat limes on the keto diet

Fancy a cheeky adult beverage to go with those delicious keto lunches and evening meals. Or simply as a weekend treat, you probably deserve it after all? So why not experiment with this superpowered sour margarita, which uses just two tablespoons of lime juice and you can definitely taste the added lime alright..


eat strawberries on keto

Eat strawberries on keto

Strawberries when consumed in moderation are a great addition to the keto diet. You can eat fresh strawberries whole as snacks. Or turn them into a deliciously hydrating strawberry smoothie. Not only that these stunning fresh strawberries can be used to adorn so many other keto friendly recipes and desserts.


Eat watermelons on keto

Eat watermelons on keto

Watermelon is considered to be extremely hydrating and refreshing due to its high water content. Which you will certainly notice the next time that you tuck into a fresh watermelon. Also there are lots of different watermelons to try out as part of your keto diet plus they make a great snack food.

Sometimes the pips in watermelons can be infuriating. Yet this is a small price to pay for such a refreshing and healthy fruit. Before the keto police howl and cry out; do note that you have to eat watermelon in moderation, they are a treat. They are not a great choice for regular consumption.

Final Thought

There you have it, you can eat fruits on keto. For more detail on these fruits check out the fruit diet guide. Fruits are quite literally packed with healthy vitamins, powerful minerals, and nutritious fibres. Here we have eight incredible, mouthwatering and tasty fruits that you can literally absorb and enjoy over and over while following the keto lifestyle.


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