3 Methods Explaining How To Boil Eggs on Keto

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Boiled eggs are a popular choice amongst many ketogenic dieters when it comes to dealing up a scrumptious keto breakfast but do you really know how to boil eggs and get them right each and every time?In fact eggs are one of the most flexible and nutritious foods in the world of gastronomy. Doctors used to say they were unhealthy but not anymore, more about that later in this post.

So how can you take advantage of the healthy nutritional benefits of eggs? Well for example just try adding eggs to your healthy salads and early morning breakfasts and boom, you have an excellent protein-rich breakfast meal all ready for you to relish and enjoy. Not only that, you can serve many egg recipes up as your side dish at dinner or lunch time no problem at all. So if you really want to learn how to boil eggs like a pro, read right on.

Expert Tips : How To Boil Eggs?

Now so many keto dieters ask me how to boil eggs and why are eggs important anyway? Note that eggs are also one of the best sources of natural protein for the body and they can be made in a jiffy. Plus boiled eggs are a popular choice when it comes to a scrumptious breakfast, lunch, snack or even dinner. If you want to lose weight even faster on keto then seriously consider incorporating healthy recipes that bring hard boiled eggs into your keto meal prep. Hard boiled egg recipes are simply an excellent choice for anyone seeking to lose weight fast on keto.

Do source your eggs from free range hens though, its just easier on the hen, happy hen and happy life right.The best part is that once you learn how to make boiled eggs at home, you can always have a stash of hard boiled eggs waiting for you in your fridge, ready for you to use whenever you need these tasty hard boiled eggs for a snack or for your keto recipes.

Eggs Are Packed With Rich Nutrients

How to Boil Eggs

Eggs Are Packed With Rich Nutrients That All Keto Dieters Can Benefit From

Packed with rich nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals along with essential fatty acids, eggs are replete with health-benefiting properties. When it comes to preparing egg recipes, scrambled eggs is something no one would say no to. A perfect breakfast, brunch or lunch recipe which is easy-to-prepare and just too delicious to resist! Plus you can pair eggs with other healthy keto foods such as mushrooms for instance, just right for that awesome early morning breakfast omelette!

The technique of making them may not be rocket science, but it isn’t simple to nail either (admit it as you have probably tred and failed more than once!). Cooking eggs in the pan for too long could result in cracked shells, tough whites, or sulfuric-smelling yolks. However don’t give up on seeking the perfect egg either. As with these trult egg-cellent tips, you can now perfect this all importants egg cooking skill within just a few minutes. Not bad for any beginner learning their egg cooking craft.

What Make Eggs So Nutritious?

For a few decades in fact eggs had a rather unwholesome reputation in many quarters. Thanks to its high cholesterol content, the humble egg was deemed unhealthy, strange now but very true at the time. Many years went by while many of us shunned away from eating eggs Or we consumed only the whites, or ventured into the world of egg substitute ingredients in our recipes.

Then, in 2000, the American Heart Association (AHA) revised its dietary guidelines and gave healthy adults the green light to enjoy eggs once more. Times have changed so much that the AHA’s guidelines now allow an egg a day for healthy adults; while still advising a total daily cholesterol limit of 300 mg. In short you can eat eggs and they are good for you!

The historical confusion over eating eggs actually stems from their cholesterol content. This is because a single egg contains 213 mg of cholesterol, accounting for two-thirds of the recommended daily limit which is why they used to be considered unhealthy in times gone by. Read more on this subject in this article from WebMD: Good Eggs: For Nutrition, They’re Hard to Beat.

How to Hard Boil Eggs Perfectly, Every Time

Nothing beats a perfectly boiled egg, but short of sacrificing an egg and cracking it open, it can be difficult to know when that egg is perfectly cooked. Rest assured, we have a few tricks to get you that perfectly soft- or hard-boiled texture you’re after. And once you’ve mastered how to boil eggs, you’re well on you way to egg salad, cobb salad, and perfect deviled eggs worthy of your brunch table!

What Keto Recipes Use Boiled Eggs?

Hard-boiled eggs make inexpensive egg-salad sandwiches and smart, simple high-protein snacks; they add protein to green salads and make delicious appetizers like deviled eggs.

Did you ever wonder how long to boil an egg so it’s cooked just right and tastes perfect? All it takes are three easy steps. Simply bring eggs to a boil and then cover for about 15 minutes. You’ll learn a great trick that makes peeling eggs surprisingly easy—the peel just slips right off!

We’ll also show you three choice ways to chop your eggs, depending on whether you want a fine texture, perfectly uniform slices, or a rough cut. For a unique recipe idea see how to make delicious deviled eggs.

Three Different Bloggers Offer Their Take on Boiling Eggs

In this three set video selection from our pick of egg masters; you’ll see how to hard boil eggs perfectly each and every time. No excuse for failing at cooking hard boiled eggs anymore right!

Eggs, even a week old, from free ranging hens, are very hard to shell. We don’t care about the appearance. There is nothing like a fresh egg from a healthy, happy hen for your keto recipes.

I use eggs right from the hen house I just use a LOT of salt in the water. I begin by bringing the eggs to a boil in cold water. I  boil them for 10min then let them cool for 15min. Then I peel the eggs under some cold water. The method of coddling eggs will not toughen the whites as boiling does.  Coddling also makes an egg easier to peel. The cold water finish creates steam between the egg white and the shell which makes the shell easier to remove.

Really Cooking Hard Boiled Eggs is Simple

How To Boil Eggs For Your Keto Recipes

How To Boil Eggs For Your Keto Recipes – Free Infographic

Learning how to boil eggs for just the right amount of time is really very simple if you take time to research and watch some expert videos! I have read many different opinions about the best method for making perfect hard-cooked (boiled) eggs and have discovered, through my own personal testing, the following method which gives perfect results.

1. Start with cooking older eggs, the color does not matter so much.

It might sound odd, but old eggs actually peel way more easily, so you won’t risk tearing up the egg whites.

2. Bring the pan water to a boil and allow to simmer for 4-5 minutes.

3. In total boil the water for 10 minutes, cook the eggs for 4-5 minutes and let them cool for 15min on a towel or kitchen cloth.

4. Incorporate the eggs into your keto recipes as you see fit. You will be an expert in next to no time

Wrapping Up The Hard Boiled Egg Master Class

Now that you have mastered the art of cooking delicious hard boiled eggs there can be no stopping you my keto friend. Try these delicious egg resources and discover more about the beauty and versatility of eggs.

At the very least you should be in no doubt over how to do a stirling job of cooking har boiled eggs?  If you found this feature article helpful then join our free keto group and discuss with thousands of like minded keto dieters.

Loving Your Eggs : Further Reading and Research

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