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Enter The KetoRush July Contest

WIN a $250 Wardrobe Makeover plus prizes for the most weight loss, most inches lost. Click the open in Messenger button to receive the KetoRush Demo.

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July 2019 Prizes

Grand Prize : $250 wardrobe makeover; you are already on the way to making the mirror say wow and now you can step out in some new finery; hopefully in outfits a few sizes smaller!

Other Prizes : Win kitchen appliances, gift vouchers and more, these prizes are for the most weight loss, most inches lost, and the grand prize is for telling the most inspirational personal story.

Contest Rules

Since I want this to be fair, I want to go through the rules very clearly.

The contest begins on July 1st and ends on July 31st.

You must be a KetoRush customer to participate, meaning you have either purchased our cookbook or the companion fast ketosis guide. There is a demo available above if you are undecided.

2. On or before July 15, you will do one of the following:

A: Send a photo of yourself (a before picture) to ask[@] along with a short personal story outlining your personal keto journey, challenges and successes.

You will also email a picture of your feet on a scale and specify the exact weight it says.

You must tell me what the scale says in case I can't read it.

You MUST also measure yourself and enclose the measurements as well.


B: Send a photo of yourself preparing any one of the 130+ delicious recipes found in KetoRush along with your current weight and your personal keto story.


3. On July 31st you will email me an after picture - and another picture of you on the scale. You will also state the exact amount you lost on this month in pounds. You will also enclose your final measurements.

4. For fun and motivation you can ALSO post these pictures to our Facebook group but this does not remove the need to email the pictures and your personal story.

5. The more specific you are with your weight loss the better the chances of avoiding a tie.

6. Pictures that are photoshopped or a different person will be disqualified.

7. The person who provides the most inspirational personal keto story wins a $250 wardrobe makeover.

8. The one who loses the most inches wins $150 or an Amazon gift voucher.

9. The winners will be announced on August 18-20

10. All prizes will be paid by either PayPal or Amazon gift card.

11. All pictures and stories become property of KetoFirst and may be used for promotional purposes.

12. It is your responsibility to read the rules carefully and follow them.


Q: Why do​ have to buy KetoRush to enter the competition?

We value our most loyal members, those who have been in the group a long time, who are active and serious about keto and have taken time to try and purchase our products.

Q: Can I try KetoRush first and what is it exactly?
Sure there is a demo that you can try in Messenger, get it right here. KetoRush is our fat burning keto cookbook that comes with an optional fast action ketosis plan.

Q: I don't need the demo, I want to get KetoRush right now!

No problems, you can do that as well, get KetoRush here.

Q. How do I know there are really prizes?

We have run contests before and paid out to real winners, just search old posts. More to the point we want our members to succeed and be excited about their group success.

Q: Will there be more contests?

We hope to run a contest every month with bigger and better prizes.

Q Do I have a realistic chance of winning?

We do not sell thousands of cookbooks and guides, so the odds are very high :) Remember if you do not win this month you may well win the following month.

Q: Where do I send my story and pictures again?
The email address is ask[@]