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Keto FAQ - Frequently Asked QuestionsOur keto FAQ or frequently asked questions is a simple at a glance question and answer resource that helps to demystify the keto diet for beginners and those dieters with limited knowledge of the ketogenic diet and lifestyle.

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Do not confuse nutrition with carbs, lots of fruits are highly nutritious but simply have high carbs and sugars. I advise moderation over outright banning of certain fruits. This way you do not forsake useful macronutrients.

For example apples and watermelon are not traditionally keto, their carb counts per serving are very high. The answer is to take a small slice of apple or watermelon as opposed to a whole one. Strawberries are ok in moderation and most berries are also fine. you might enjoy this more detailed post on fruits and keto.

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Plus are you feeling really clever after reading through this keto faq? That’s totally awesome to hear also. In which case why not play the ketogenic diet quiz and see how much you really do know about keto. You might be surprised, who knows.
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