What Types of Grains and Food Groups Are Permitted on the Ketosis Diet?

A close look at the types of grains and food groups that work well on a keto diet plan

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Scientific research shows that one of the major causes of weight gain is the kind of food we eat. The type of food that you eat in a day determines how many calories you add to your body and therefore, the more calories you add to the body the more weight you gain. So what kind of keto grains and food groups can we consume, we take a look.

So, the only way of reducing this intake is by regulated and controlled dieting. Dieting does work magic when it comes to progressive weight loss, and if you have ever tried dieting in your life, then you would agree with me that it is not easy to adopt a dieting plan. Especially if you have no clue regarding the best foods to include in your projects. There are different dieting plans available today, and one of them is the keto diet.

This is the kind of dieting whereby one is required to increase the number of fats, proteins and other nutrients to their food and reduce the carb intake or ensure that the meals do not have any carbs whatsoever. The keto diet is very popular which is why there are many, many recipes that cater to those following keto.

Keto Goals Versus Keto Grains and Food Groups

The keto diet plan to adopt depends on the goals that you wish to achieve at the end of the day since in some cases, you may have to do away with all the grains and legumes to achieve your goal. In other cases certain keto grains and food groups may work still.

Why? As we saw earlier a keto diet has fewer carbs or non and therefore, even if the little carbohydrates on the meals may alter your results, then the best solution is to do away with them altogether.

Therefore keto may work magic in transforming your body, but we cannot ignore the fact that this is not an easy road to follow.

Some of the Best Foods That You Can Include in Your Keto Diet Plan

Keto requires one to have full knowledge and understanding of the kind of foods to eat and the kind of foods that would work well for you working with keto friendly food recipes.

Fats and Oils

Shockingly, we workout to burn fats in the body but when it comes to keto meals, fats play a huge role in improving your dieting process. But note that the recommended fats to take are the healthy fats such as the butter, ghee, coconut oils, avocados and also the olive oils.

In other words, all the fats that are extracted from the natural plants are suitable for your keto dieting. Some of the fats that you must avoid on your diet include the margarine and fats from the processed foods which are also referred to as unsaturated fats. These kinds of fats add more harm than good to the body.

Protein Groups

Proteins are food groups that play a significant role in improving one’s health, and they are also recommended for those who would want to shed off some pounds. Proteins help you maintain a proper weight by suppressing appetite and hunger thus enabling you to eat less in the day.

The protein has also been included for keto dieting, but it is essential to note that not all proteins are ideal for keto. The proteins that are grass-fed or raised through pasteurization must be the ones to consume. This is because these kinds of proteins are less in steroid hormone. When it comes to the choice of the meat, ensure that you eat more red meat as opposed to the white meat. The red meat has a high capacity of fats as opposed to the white meat.

As we saw earlier on the first point, fats are ideal for the keto diet, and the fats from the meat are safe especially if the animals are grass-fed. So unlike in other weight programs, keto dieting recommend the use of red meat and if possible find the meat that is fat. But, another essential thing that you must note is that too much protein is not recommended for your keto dieting.

So, avoid consuming meat on a regular basis and instead substitute them with the use of legumes like the peas and beans to name a few. This is because too much protein on the system leads to the increase of ketone levels in the body thus resulting in a high level of glucose storage in the body also. So, take proteins but do it in minimal.


Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables are also included in the keto diet, but not all plants are recommended. This is because some vegetables are considered to have a high content of sugars which are not suitable for keto diet considering no sugars are advised for this kind of food.

So, only the vegetables that have a high percentage of nutrients and low content of carbohydrates are recommended for keto diets. To make your choice of vegetables easy, make sure the kind of plants you buy have the dark green color such as the spinach and kales.

The same case goes for fruits. Limit the intake of fruits that have a high content of sugars and instead focus on fruits that have high nutrients and low sugars like the oranges and apples. All the berries such as the raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries should be eliminated from the diet altogether.

It is a bit tricky to decide on the best fruits and vegetables to include on your diet considering that in most cases, we are advised to take fruits and vegetables for a healthy body. Therefore, seek advice from a nutritionist regarding the best fruits and vegetables would be perfect for your keto diet. Check out our keto fruits gallery for greater insights also.

Consuming Dairy Products

Dairy products are also part of keto dieting as long as you take them in the right quantities and you also consume the right ones too. But since these kind of foods are high in fats, one is advised to limit the intake.

The best types of dairy products recommended for keto diet are the raw organic dairies and full-fat dairies since they are low in carbs and high in fats which are much more suitable for the body.

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What Types of Grains and Food Groups Are Permitted on the Ketosis Diet?

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