The Key Differences Between The Keto and Paleo Diets

keto paleo differences

Choosing a diet to follow is not a step to take lightly as you will need to stick with any diet for a length of time to see real progress. Chances are that you have heard of Keto and Paleo diets and are probably following one of the other right now, but what are the key Keto Paleo differences?

There are quite a number of key differences between the Keto diet and the Paleo diet. The Keto diet is seen as relatively thorough while the Paleo is considered to last longer and have more health benefits. This investigation will analyze some of the key differences to help you have a better understanding of the two diets side by side.

High Fat or Low Carb Restrict the Paleo Diet

The is a restriction on the amount of grains and sugar that can be consumed in the Paleo diet. Luckily, there is no restriction on the amount of vegetables and fruits that can be consumed. Additionally, natural sweeteners which are extremely high in carbs such as honey or maple syrup can be consumed without any limitation. Unlike the Keto diet, Paleo allows the intake of fats. Individuals can consume as much as they want in the Paleo diet and still adhere to the rules of the diet.

The Keto Diet Does Not Have a Limitation on Dairy Intake

The Keto diet has no constraints on dairy products that are rich in fat, although not all dairy products are keto friendly. However, this is different from the Paleo diet which restricts intake of foods that may take longer to break down causing problems for the gut. As a result, it is restricted. From the age of four, many people stop releasing lactose; this results in dairy food intolerance.

Measurement of Fat, Carbs, and Proteins is Done in the Keto Diet

For proper functionality of the Keto diet, there has to be a specific amount of protein, fat, and carbs that one can consume. This will make it easier for the ketosis process to take place. The required intake percentages are 10% of carbs, 30% of proteins and 80% of fat. This type of percentages does not apply to the Paleo diet as they are no restrictions on the amount of food consumed.

The Keto Diet Requires Some Tests

For one to qualify for the Keto diet, they have to go through a series of tests. This help to examine the amount of ketone bodies in the blood. It is determined by the ability to burn fatty acids and energy. The Paleo diet does not include any tests as there are no limitations for body metabolism.

The Keto Diet is Focused on Burning Fats

The could possibly be one of the most significant differences between Keto and Paleo diets. The Keto diet aims at burning fats in the body while the Paleo diet does not. The Keto diet stimulates more metabolism in the body to fasten the rate at which fats burn. With the Paleo diet, on the other hand, this could lead to weight loss in an individual when there is a limited intake of fats.

The Paleo Diet Leans More Towards The High Quality of Food

The Paleo diet is established on consuming foods that are of high quality which are rich in nutrients. Such foods help to minimize the amount of toxins one could possibly consume. The foods consumed in this type of diet include those that were consumed in the early days by our ancestors.

As a result, it is commonly known as the Caveman diet. The Paleo diet does not include consumption of processed foods with artificial sugars and hydrogenated oils. This helps to lower the chance of getting Alzheimer’s or heart diseases. Therefore, what you intake matters a lot and helps to nourish your body. The Keto diet is not necessarily concerned about the quality of the food.

Different Types of Foods Allowed in the Two Diets

There are foods permitted on the Paleo diet while some are restricted in the Keto diet such as certain types of grains and food groups for instance. The vice versa is also true. Foods that are highly rich in carbohydrates are allowed in the Paleo diet and not in the Keto diet. The Keto diet bases its category on the food consumed depending on the ratio of nutrients while the Paleo diet does not. However, these two diets try to avoid grains and artificial sugars.

The Paleo Diet Focuses on the Change of Lifestyle

This is another significant difference between these two diets. The Paleo diet emphasizes on a modification of lifestyle choices. It supports a particular set of exercises and attention to the daily activities on indulges in which form part of the dietary plan.

One is therefore encouraged to incorporate set periods of intense workout into their daily routines. The exercise is said to be a great stress reliever, especially over more extended exercise periods. Yoga and meditations are recommended in the Paleo diet.

In Summary : Keto Paleo Differences

On the other hand, the Keto diet does not pay much attention to changes in one’s lifestyle, keto actually is a lifestyle far more than it is just a diet you see. Selecting healthy foods is however critical in this diet. Just as much as the macronutrient distribution of foods and calculation of their properties. Many people still get lost comparing these two diets despite their massive popular following and coverage in mainstream media. Hopefully this piece will allay some of these puzzling keto versus paleo questions.

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The Key Differences Between The Keto and Paleo Diets
The Key Differences Between The Keto and Paleo Diets

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