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Speed Keto Review – Losing Weight With Harlan Kilstein’s Speed Keto Plan

Thinking about Speed Keto, here is what you need to know.

In this Speed Keto review we look in some detail at the Speed Keto diet plan by Dr Harlan Kilstein and ask if this keto weight loss plan really works for most keto dieters? Does Speed Keto really deliver the fast push button weight loss results; with no macro counting that the promotional material for this system promises.

In truth the answer to this question lies in being completely honest about how much weight you really want to lose and how fast you want to lose it. Click here to read the full detailed Speed Keto review.


What Is Speed Keto By Dr Harlan Kilstein?

Speed Keto is a keto weight loss system that is based on the OMAD fasting method. This basically means one meal per day. However there are a few key differences and twists between Speed Keto and regular keto. There are many more differences but a few of the main changes include no macro counting, massive social proof and the fact that all the keto recipes, menus, shopping lists and goals are worked out for dieters in advance.

Watch The Ultimate Speed Keto Review

They say that pictures tell a thousand words, well we took 5-6 minutes instead to expand upon the web page review of Speed Keto and provide some visual insight into how the diet plan really works. Plus you can also read up further here to read the full detailed review.

Which Version Is Right For Me?

Speed Keto all comes in several different versions or flavours if you like. For example there is Speed Keto Vegan and Vegetarian as well as more recent Speed Keto Mexican if you like those style of dishes. If you are seriously considering this plan then here also is a quick Speed Keto quiz to work out what version of this diet plan is right for you.

Will I lose Weight And How Fast?

Speed Keto is a 31 day keto weight loss plan that includes shopping lists, meal planner, recipes, coaches to help you along the way and best of all no macro counting or complex study time. As soon as you start the program you will gain a clear understanding of how much weight you will lose this month and how fast you can realistically accomplish it.

Understandably many keto dieters anxious to lose weight fast are rightly curious about their expected results with this diet plan. They want to learn whether their results are typical for most followers of the plan. Plus these dieters urgently want to know about the true value that the program offers. The recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, calendar and coaching for example. As well as the long term healthy lifestyle investment benefits from purchasing Dr Harlan’s Speed Keto plan. Click here to read the full in-depth review.


How Much Does Speed Keto Cost?

I hear some people fret over and over about reoccurring charges or getting a refund for this keto diet method. Here is the truth about this keto system and the current pricing. At the time of writing this review the plan from Dr Harlan costs just $39. There are no repeat billing charges whatsoever.

I think people get confused when they hear that Speed keto itself can be repeated over and over again. This part is true as you can just retake the plan each month or take a brea and then restart. Know that it will never cost you anything further than the one time payment that you make when you initially purchase. There is no repeat billing or anything like that with this keto diet plan. It just means that when you complete a cycle of this diet you can just restart it again and again as many times as you wish. Like reading a book many times, you only buy the book once!

Also the refund policy is no quibble 90 days. This really is a massive amount of time to get the system familiar and working properly for you. Plus no quibble means just that. If you purchase by accident, purchase twice or simply find that it is not for you then you can easily get your money back with zero hassle aside from putting the request in. That is pretty slick really, not many keto diet plans offer this, if any.

No Huge Learning Curve

Plus if you are a keto diet beginner there is no daunting learning curve to learn with this keto plan. In fact calculating macros and searching for the right keto recipes is not for everyone; especially if you are pressed for time.

The excellent news is that if you have a hectic life but need to drop lots of weight as fast as possible this month or in the near future. Then following the Speed Keto diet plan is a much easier option for most people. People need to drop weight quickly for all sorts of reasons. A social event, date night, college reunion or for personal self confidence, the reasons are many and varied.

This is a keto weight loss plan authored by Dr Harlan Kilstein. Click here to read the full Speed Keto review and find out more about it. Plus how to purchase directly if you feel it is the right fit for you after reading this review.



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