Sara Louise’s Keto 007 Martini

Shaken, stirred and surprisingly healthy

Any one can say that they are a secret agent. That said being a secret agent on the ketogenic diet is probably a lot harder than it looks. In between chasing down villains and circumnavigating the globe 007 still has to check his macros and get his keto ingredients from Walmart. Then find the time to pour a delicious keto martini cocktail. He sure has his work cut out.


I don’t know anyone smooth enough to do all of these things but I do know that my keto 007 martini cocktail might help most regular keto dieters who miss the occasional slick beverage. My 007 keto martini is super healthy and oodles of fun to make. Nothing deadly about it at all you will be pleased to discover.

So perhaps you thought that cocktails and popular alcoholic drinks such as my 007 keto martini were off limits on a low carb diet such as keto? I think that you will happily learn that there is room in the Aston Martin for a few of these. Just don’t drink and drive even if you are a secret agent in your spare time.

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Sara Louise's Keto 007 Martini

Deadly suave and shaken not stirred, this is the 007 keto martini.
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Servings: 1
Calories: 195kcal
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  • 3 Oz Gin or Vodka
  • 1/2 Oz Extra Dry Vermouth
  • 3 Large Pimento Olives


  • Pour the 007 keto martini ingredients into a martini shaker
  • Add 5 or 6 large ice cubes
  • Close the cocktail shaker well and shake to mix and hasten the cooling process
  • Pour the secret agent martini into a chilled martini glass straining out the cold ice.
  • Place olives in the glass on a toothpick using a side dish for extras.
  • Aim, shoot and enjoy your secret agent keto martini.


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Calories: 195kcal | Fat: 1g | Sodium: 187mg
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Sara Louise

Sara is the editor of KetoFirst. She enjoys maintaining an active healthy lifestyle and along with her husband Chris, sharing her keto recipes, blog posts and fitness successes with other keto dieters from around the world.

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