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Sara Louise’s Keto French Bread

Keto Speciality Breads Recipe Set
You Do NOT Have to Give Up Your Favorite Bread, Sandwiches & Pizza to Follow a 100% Paleo or Ketogenic Diet. 35+ Lush Bread Recipes

Here is a tasty, easy make keto French bread recipe from Sara. Now many keto dieters mistakenly believe that French bread and baguette is off limits while following a low carb ketogenic diet. Why, well simply because bread is associated with a high carb count. So normally eating regular bread as part of your daily intake would make it much harder to cut carbs overall. No wonder bread lovers are on the look out for zero carb bread all the time.

Which is why many keto dieters shy away from breads and an understandable reason why lots of keto beginners often think that any bread is not allowed even though there are now a plethora of exciting keto bread recipes to try. Most of the time just tweaking an established recipe such as this keto French bread recipe is the real answer and you are back in business. Note this keto French bread recipe requires at least 6 eggs to make. I recommend free range eggs.

So the good news is that bread does not have to be off the menu at all while pursuing a keto healthy lifestyle. Yes you do have to make some adjustments on account of carb control. So while that wholemeal loaf from Walmart is still not the best choice for bread lovers. Some quick recipe research will tell you that there are scores of yummy keto bread recipes, these Hawaiian sweet bread rolls for example and we have several others on our site.


Making The Keto French Bread

This low carb easy keto bread recipe however is all about making tasty keto French bread and baguette work happily for bread loving keto dieters. Should you require common ingredients for this keto French bread recipe like almond flour for instance. Then try our handy Walmart shopping list. Let me know if you made this keto French bread recipe and how it went.

low carb keto French bread recipe

Sara Louise's Keto French Bread

Sara Louise
Tasty and crusty French bread that you thought you could never have on a Ketogenic diet.
3.93 from 170 votes
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Course Breads
Cuisine American, French
Servings 8
Calories 196 kcal


  • 2 Large Free Range Eggs
  • 6 Egg whites
  • 3/4 cup Low fat buttermilk
  • ¼ cup Apple Cider Vinegar for example Braggs
  • 1 cup Warm fresh water
  • 1 ½ cup Almond Flour
  • cup Psyllium husks
  • ½ cup Coconut flour
  • 1 tsp Baking soda
  • 1 tbsp Sea salt Your choice, just a pinch


  • Start by warming up the kitchen oven to a cozy 175-180 °C/ 355 °F (fan assisted oven.) You will certainly need to tweak the baking times for the keto French bread recipe depending entirely on the type of oven you have in your home. Baking times will also depend on the size of the baguettes also.
  • Use a reliable kitchen scale to measure out all of the keto French bread ingredients for this keto bread recipe. Do this as carefully as possible then place the ingredients to one side.
  • Next combine all of the dry ingredients in a suitable mixing bowl or prep basin. For clarity the dry ingredients consist of the: coconut flour, the psyllium powder, the baking soda, ground flaxseed and of course the pinch of sea salt to taste.)
  • Find a separate suitable mixing bowl and readily combine the free range eggs, the egg whites and low fat buttermilk until evenly mixed and combined together. Eggs from free range hens are kinder to the hens, ( my choice. )
  • Next add in the egg mixture and blend together well with a mixer or whisk until the dough mixture is nice and thick. You can blend the mix by hand it is just way easier with a decent whisk or electric blender.
  • Add the apple cider vinegar eg Braggs and the lukewarm fresh water and blend together once more until all the mixture for the keto French bread is nicely combined together.
  • It is quite important to not over blend the dough mixture for the French bread recipe. Do not let it go too smooth!
  • Using a ladle or spoon, make 8-9 medium or 15-16 mini French baguettes and place them on a rectangular baking tray lined with some quality parchment paper. Or if you prefer you may use a non-stick high heat tray if you have one of those style of baking trays to hand.


  • Once the dough mixture is placed in the oven and nicely baking; the keto French bread baguettes will soon start to rise. So make certain to allow adequate space between them where they sit on the baking tray.
  • Place the keto French bread baguettes into your oven and breath easy for a few minutes as the hard work is mostly done. Now let the breads cook for 10-12 minutes or so.
  • Now reduce the heat in the oven right down to 140- 150 °C/ 290-300 °F (fan assisted), or 170 °C/ 340 °F (for non assisted ovens.)
  • Bake the keto Frech bread baguettes for another 35-40 minutes or so. Note if you elect to make smaller breads then you must reduce the baking time accordingly, just keep checking the oven. The breads should be a golden brown but not too toasted either!
  • Remove the keto French bread baguettes from the oven, let the tray cool down and place the baguettes on a rack to cool down to room temperature. This may take several minutes.
  • You can serve the keto French bread on its own or as a side to something else, the recipe is tasty either way. You can store the breads at room temp for a few days or freeze for longer use. You can freeze the keto French bread baguettes for several months actually.


  • Serve these warm fresh breads up on their own, or with your favorite sub meats and protein. Or use the baguettes as a delicious side dish with a yummy keto soup or broth.
  • You might want to consider making the smaller baguettes for soups and the larger ones for subs. So many delicious possibilities with this healthy keto French bread recipe.
  • Prior to baking you can optionally, score the baguettes diagonally and make 3-5 cuts for that quintessentially French style. Happy baking!


  • If you enjoyed baking the keto French bread baguettes then here are a whole raft of additional keto bread ideas to try out. 35+ yummy and healthy speciality breads in fact. There should be no stopping you now.
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Calories: 196kcalCarbohydrates: 3gProtein: 12gFat: 17gSaturated Fat: 8gFiber: 5gSugar: 1gVitamin A: 1310IUCalcium: 222mgIron: 2.3mg

Complimentary Keto French Bread Infographic

Store this yummy keto French bread baguette recipe away in your keto recipe scrapbook favorites. It will be a firm favorite bread recipe for many years to come.

low carb keto French bread recipe

Enjoy Sara’s keto French bread recipe

Feel free to pin and share this free and unique Pinterest keto French bread recipe image on your own boards so that other keto dieters looking for a keto French bread recipe may enjoy it also.

Keto Speciality Breads Recipe Set
You Do NOT Have to Give Up Your Favorite Bread, Sandwiches & Pizza to Follow a 100% Paleo or Ketogenic Diet. 35+ Lush Bread Recipes

Alternative Low Carb Keto Bread Recipes

This low carb French bread baguette recipe is probably one our most popular recipes for keto dieters who crave the taste and smell of fresh oven baked keto breads. The joy of baking fresh bread doesn’t stop here though. Below I have listed a couple of additional keto bread recipes that are proving extremely popular. They are all low carb recipes and full of distinctive flavors and healthy macronutrients.

Keto bread rolls : Fancy a warm crusty bread roll to go with a heartwarming soup or broth.
Keto garlic bread : This garlic butter bread recipe is crunchy and full of tangy flavor.
Hawaiian sweet rolls : Bread that feels thick, sweet and full of substance, great for sharing over a good film with friends.

Which ever bread recipe you end up baking, if not my keto French bread you won’t be short of that bread like fix. For some of you I know that finding the perfect keto bread recipe has been a long time coming but. So warm the oven, tuck in and enjoy your pick of my best keto speciality bread recipes. There are plenty of other recipes available from Amazon and eBay sellers also. You will be glad you did.

  1. Followed the recipe to a ‘t’ – it’s runny enough to drink. Not sure what to do now?!?!

    • I did the same thing, even added a couple more tablespoons of almond flour to get it to go into a dough, but no ! Am going to cook it now and see what happens!

  2. What is the serving size on this keto french bread?

  3. Did you weigh the almond flour on a food scale? I want to get the measurements right.

    • The recipe doesn’t show weight–it shows standard measurements. (Cups, teaspoons, etc.) Maybe better to show the amounts in ounces?

  4. I have the same problem as Alana. The mix is more of a batter than a soft dough, even after standing.
    Are the quantities of all the ingredients definitely correct?

  5. Please fix this recipe. My dough was also very runny. Something must be off and I would live to bake some bread.

    • I’ve made it a couple of times….best recipe I have found so far. I substituted 4 of the eggs for egg whites as I dint like when keto breads taste too eggie. I add a little more psyllium husk but I bake in a loaf pan. Turns out awesome!

  6. What did you do cause mine is too,,

  7. Dear Sarah After you throw the ice cubes in do you leave the oven door open and continue baking or do you just throw them In and shut the door

  8. I just love this French bread, it’s the best bread I’ve had since I’ve been on Keto in 2 years. I divide it up in to jumbo muffin tins and make fresh rolls. They were so good my kids were asking me about them. Thank you so much for a fantastic recipe. Debbie

  9. Guess it’s the almond flour fault…whenever i see super fine almond flour that means it needs to be de-oiled ,so it has the consistency of real flour..
    I haven’t tried the recipe yet but most of the times that is the problem that makes runny doughs.

  10. I have made this twice. Dough, following original recipe, was a bit loose. In the processor I slowly added coconut flour until it formed a firmer dough. Used the coconut as addition instead of almond because it absorbs more liquid. I also added a bit of kosher salt to the mixture. After pulling from the oven, brushed the loaves with ghee…..added a ton of flavor!

  11. Hello Sara
    Read the recipe and I was thinking of using it,
    but after reading the reviews don’t know if I should.
    Also I’m curious about why can’t we see your answers
    To the comments and questions in the reviews.

  12. I agree. This was more of a batter. And, it does not appear to even look like the texture of the french bread in the picture. It looks more like a cornbread texture. Bummer!!!

  13. I have made this recipe twice and both times I haven’t been able to get it to rise. I thought it was due to my baking powder being out of date but I tried it this time with fresh baking powder and ended up with the same results. Also my “dough” came out more like a batter so I added a more psyllium and almond flour until it became more dough like. I don’t know what I am doing wrong with this recipe and would greatly appreciate any help or pointers on how to get this right.

  14. Tried this twice. Could not get it to look like the pictures. First time formed two loaves. They spread, but I was able to slice they horizontally and use for sandwiches that way. Second time I used a bun mold. Second time also added more flour. Came out better. Made great hamburger buns. Also, weighing the flour is definitely the key. The buns also toast well after slicing. Good for poached eggs.

    Will keep using.

    • How do you weigh the ingredients when all I can see is cup measurements? Also there is no flaxseed listed in the ingredients but it mentions it in the method 🤷🏼‍♀️

  15. Thank you all for your comments, I can see that some people have made this keto french bread recipe just fine where some of you found it a little runny. So I’ll be trying to replicate some of the baking issues and tweak a few things going forward just in case also. Thanks for trying my recipes everybody!! xx

    • How much flaxseed am I supposed to add? It’s not in the ingredients list!

    • ummmm…. did you ever get around to “tweaking” the recipe? You also have ground flax seed in the narration but nothing in the ingredient line up… I also read something about cheese, yeast and egg whites? So confusing…. It would be nice if the actual recipe would be given with actual pictures with actual details. I haven’t read anyone having success without altering the recipe…. Could you just give the actual recipe that you used with actual pics?

      • I agree👌🏼 I’ve measured out all the ingredients (in cups as there are no weights mentioned) & then I find flaxseed mentioned in the method 🤦🏼‍♀️

    • please make adjustment soon because i just made it and it looks like pancake batter.

  16. On the add to this recipe it says yeast but I can’t see any in your recipe

  17. Have the same issues as everybody else, too runny. Added more almond and coconut flower. It’s baking right now, let’s see how it comes out?

  18. Guys, you have to mix the eggs and softcheese a while til the mixture gets really creamy and volumes up, then add butter and the rest. Dough is perfect for shaping it with your hands ?? but for me the taste is way too sweet, have to try with other flours to get it right ?? but thanks for the base receipe ?

  19. Came out like pancake batter…I added 3 tbs oat fiber, 3 tbs vital wheat gluten, 3 more tbs psyllium husks amd a half scoop whey protein isolate…and a bit of salt…finally doughed up kinda…nat a good recipe as written…sorry

  20. If I don’t have ground psyllium husks, can I substitute ground flaxseed?

  21. I was able to get it to work by doubling the almond flour and psyllium husks and

  22. I’ve made this twice. The first time, I mixed everything by hand. It turned out okay, but I had to make lots of modifications like others. The second time, I used a food processor, mixed everything for a full five minutes, and waited the full 12 minutes before placing in the baguette pans. It was far more successful and delicious!

  23. Same problem as everyone else. This came out as a batter. The 2 oz. of almond flour equals 1/4 cup. I also used ground flax seed instead of psyllium powder. It never made a dough. However, I did bake it and it tastes good. I think I’ll add less eggs though as the bread was a bit eggy. Please advise.. Thank you….Kathy

  24. I see the nutritional info but it doesn’t indicate serving size! I’m looking for net carbs. Thanks for your help.

  25. what is lorann pineapple oil. never heard of it. I did get your bread recipe. waiting til I can go shopping to get some of the ingredients.

  26. Hi Sara Louise! Thanks for sharing your recipe! The ingredient list doesn’t show the flax seed so I just wondering how much? And also, do you know if it’s 3 total carbs or net carbs and how much is a serving?
    Mine turned out really yummy but is a dark rye color…doesn’t look like your pic 😊

  27. Okay, so made it! Definitely nothing like the picture! I used heavy cream vs buttermilk and beat it for a couple of minutes with the eggs before combining with the dry ingredients. I combined butter and olive oil and brushed on in the last few minutes of baking. Definitely the best tasting recipe and consistency that I have tried so far.

  28. What is the measurement for the ground flax seed mentioned in the dry ingredients mix section? There is non in the ingredients section

  29. Don’t be fooled by the photos of real French bread. This bread will NOT look like the photos. It will be almost as dark as pumpernickel on the outside, and inside it will be kind of purple and VERY dense, due to the psyllium husk flour. I’m thinking of beating the egg whites till they form a stiff peak and then mixing in with the other two eggs that have already been beaten, and lightly blend into the flour mixture to see if that helps at all. I knew this was going to be a dense bread, so I added yeast, which seemed to help–at least it rose somewhat. But, when baking, the bread flattens out if you put it on a baking sheet, so a bread form may be in order. Not an idea recipe by any means, but better than some others I’ve tried. You have to accept that there is NOTHING that will compare with REAL French bread. This is an alternative, and not a good one, but that’s why I say there is NOTHING that will compare with real French bread. I’m going to try subbing vital wheat gluten and carbalose flour for the almond flour and the coconut flour. Or, maybe subbing whey proten powder for one the flours. Be aware that the recipe has obviously been changed, since the directions don’t match up to the ingredients or the measurements.

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