Can I Eat Dairy on Keto?

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Yes you can eat nuts on keto and they are a great snack also if your body tolerates them well, some people do have allergies of course.

Certain nuts are high in carbs so be careful which nuts you snack on. The problem with nuts and dairy is that they are trigger foods for many people, and not everyone measures and tracks them correctly, which can lead to weight loss stalls. Low carb nuts such as pecans are great in many desserts also.

Additionally, some people don’t digest nuts so well, which can even cause health issues such as inflammation and water retention. Pecan, walnuts and brazil nuts are great choices for keto dieters.


Avoid cashew nuts and pistachio nuts as they have more carbs. Plus it goes without saying to avoid nuts with additives such as sugars. Raw nuts are the best choice.

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