What Is Lazy Keto?

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Many casual keto dieters elect to do what is commonly referred to as “lazy keto” once they reach their ideal goal weight, i.e. eat keto foods without necessarily tracking them from day to day.

Or tracking their food consumption every once in a while to see where they’re standing in terms of macros and calories. In general I do not recommend this save for when you really know what you are doing and you’ve reached your goal weight.

The problem with lazy keto is that it encourages a quick fix attitude, no wonder all the magic pill, powder and potion sellers are so quick to target casual keto dieters. The best advice is to concentrate on whole, natural foods and stay away from anything that promises the best of both worlds.


It is human nature to take the easy option but in most cases you are better served by adopting a moderate-strict stance on keto and taking the time to be disciplined enough to track your macros each day.

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