What Should I Avoid On Keto?

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If you are following keto you should strive to avoid or moderate high-carb foods, such as:

  • Bread, pasta, noodles and rice
  • Some grains and cereals
  • Traditional desserts, pastries, sweets etc
  • Any processed food with added sugar
  • Certain high carb fruits
  • Some juices

You might think this is no good at all but actually a lot of out of bounds foods now have yummy keto friendly alternatives. For example use cauliflower rice instead of regular rice. So it is not that restrictive at all once you look closely.

A big part of what you’re limiting is empty calories, and all the food that you’ll be eating will be extremely nutritious, healthy and filling. Even breads now have many keto friendly recipes so you are in good hands.


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