What are Keto Macros With The Ketogenic Diet and How do I Calculate Them?

We try to unravel what is meant by keto macros as opposed to just regulating calorie intake.

Keto Macros

With the keto diet and many other types of diet whatever you eat impacts your overall health and it is no wonder that most people are more careful than ever about what they eat for this very reason. If you have been learning about the ketogenic diet then you have probably heard of keto macros but what does this term actually mean? This article looks at keto macros in more detail.

Living healthy and being weight and body conscious has led to the development of different health diet plans and inventions. Where nutritionists and other health gurus have come up with great diets such as the keto diet which are meant to help people live a longer and healthy life.

Be careful of what you eat, and if you have no idea regarding the nutrients or the effects of various food groups to the body, you can always seek advice from a nutritionist or perform Google searches about it. Although do not accept what you read on Google as truth absolute since different sources can and do tell different things.

We all want to attain body confidence and an ideal optimal weight in a safe and controlled manner. Therefore if you want to achieve that slim and gorgeous figure, you ought to be rather careful of the food you consume. Naturally there are tons of diet plans available at our disposal, and one of them is the keto diet. Although this diet has not been in the market for a long time, it is gradually gaining more popularity in various states and countries beyond the USA. Maybe it is the many benefits that losing weight with keto add to the body!

According to some scientific research conducted regarding the ketogenic diet, the results showed that the keto diet is gaining more and more popularity in the world because it is easy to adopt and quite flexible to follow, unlike other diet plans. Keto requires that you learn how to calculate macros properly in order to regulate your portions and quantities of ingredients in recipes.

So What are Keto Macros?

Macro in the food category means macronutrients, and therefore, these are the kind of food nutrients that are required in large contents for the health of the body. The crucial macronutrients which are widely consumed are the carbohydrates, proteins and the fats.

Note that all these macros are needed in the body and, they also have different quantities of calories. Also, it is essential to remember that each macronutrient from these three categories play a different role in the body and this means that the intake content does differ depending on one’s needs.

Macros are macronutrients. The word “macros” in keto means large.  So, according to the Cambridge Journal of Public Health Nutrition, macronutrients are the chemical compounds that are required in large quantities to provide calories.

The three macronutrients that you will come across when following the keto diet are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Each of these macronutrient types provides calories in variable and different quantities. Their calories composition is calculated like so. Also according to a study done by USDA, the following are the right content of each macro that you should consume in a day.

Carbohydrates. Make sure to consume about 45 to 65 grams in a day.
Proteins. 25 to 35 grams of proteins are enough to run you for an entire day.
Fats. Ensure that you take about 21 to 31 grams of fats on a daily basis.

Functions of Macronutrients in the Human Body.

These are the primary nutrients that are required in the body. They provide energy, good mood and also help one stay healthy as well. This means that one should always make sure that they consume the three nutrients on a daily basis.


But the secret to good health is through understanding the right amount of each macro to consume. For example, you need to consume carbs to supply your body with energy to be able to work and stay active the entire day, and you also need proteins to help in repairing the body tissue.

One’s body and lifestyle determine the average intake of the macronutrients. This is because our bodies vary and this goes for the total calories requirements. Certain people may need a high-calorie intake as compared to others. Some people consume way too much of one type of food or drink, coffee for instance and it can be detrimental. Macros allow for nutrient intake clarity and with clarity proper balance can be attained.

In this case, make sure you fully understand the kind of macronutrient you need to increase in your diet to attain the required total calories in the body. This is something you cannot figure out on your own since various things are put to consideration which includes the total body weight, metabolism level, fitness level, the family history and so on.

Keto Macro Factors

All these factors will determine if you need to reduce one kind of macronutrient or you need to add some. For example, a person who is trying to lose weight and has low metabolism may be advised to reduce the consumption of carbs and maybe add the number of proteins and fats.

This is because high consumption of carbs leads to the increase of sugars in the body. The extra sugars extracted from the carbs are later stored in the body in the form of fats which leads to a rise in the body weight.
Such a person may be required to increase the intake of proteins since proteins help in reducing the number of calories taken by an individual through suppressing one’s appetite.

You can also consume high content of good fats such as the avocados, coconut oils, and even the olive oils. We have some great keto recipes for those kind of meals right here.
The foods that slow down your metabolism should also be avoided entirely and instead incorporate the ones that will make your metabolism to run smoothly.

Why Focus on Keto Macros Instead of Calories?

Although in most cases nutritionists advise us to focus on the number of calories that we consume instead of the food that we eat, research states that tracking macronutrients consumption is even better. This is because this helps you or instead gives the chance to choose the kind of food to eat at every meal.

It is crucial to know that all the three nutrients are essential for the body and tracking your calorie intake may limit you from taking some of these macronutrients. Therefore, for your safety, it is recommended that you include all the three macros to your meals.

Pro Tip: Make use of some macronutrient calculator apps to help you measure the right quantities of the macronutrients to include in your diets. Some of the smartphone apps that are well known in the diet and keto world for calculating macros include MyFitnessPal or even the Fotosearch Macros.

How to Calculate the Right Macro Amounts

If you are using fresh foods, you need to measure each food category that you are preparing, but for the packed containers, check the nutritional information labels at the back of the package. You can also use the nutritional calculating apps which can be downloaded online for your device.

Macro Counter Apps

My Fitness Pal : My Fitness Pal is probably the most widely used food tracking macro app out there on smartphones and tablets. Its popularity, combined with the fact that Under Armour owns it and invests heavily, means it has loads of great in-app functionality.

CRON-O-meter is the biohacker’s tracker. It gets pretty granular with your data and personal metrics, down to the nutrient level which is great if you like lots of numbers.

The Keto Diet Tracker : The Keto Diet Tracker tracks your calories, net carbs, protein, and fat at a glance which is good for those who just like summaries of where they are at.

Life Sum : This app liked to know what I was upto, and I didn’t want to enter that much personal information just to test an macro app.

Many of these macro calculators and metrics apps offer keto dieters a free trial so you can evaluate them first of all. By doing so it is easier to balance their ongoing cost, versus value and app features.

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What are Keto Macros With The Ketogenic Diet and How do I Calculate Them?

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