What is a Chaffle 101 and The Best Keto Chaffle Recipe?

Keto chaffles seem to be popping up left, right and center. They are everywhere on social media. Our Facebook group is a keto chaffle hot bed and frenzy of activity. Everyone seems to be chaffeling right now!

The two most common keto chaffle questions that I hear all the time inside our Facebook keto group are ‘what is a chaffle?’ and ‘what are the best chaffle recipes?’ Now a lot of keto dieters seem to be fairly confused over what exactly constitutes a chaffle? Is it a waffle, a pancake or crumpet perhaps?

When do we eat chaffles exactly? Breakfast, lunch or dinner, these are some of the chaffle questions I aim to answer in this post. Plus is the chaffle one of those trending fad terms that suddenly become super popular almost overnight only to then vanish without a trace?

As I mentioned if there’s one thing I’ve seen plastered throughout my Pinterest and keto facebook groups lately it is the keto chaffle. It seems the whole wide world is going crazy and bonkers for keto chaffles. So it was long overdue that I dug deep down, to discover what all the fuss was about. Not only that I have also gone and scoured the web to find you the 10 best keto chaffle recipes, you can find them towards the end of this feature article.


So What is a Chaffle?

What is a chaffle is the crux of how you probably found this feature post; perhaps while searching for the very best chaffle recipes? Well a ‘chaffle’ is actually the eloquent merger of the two short words cheese and waffle. Chaffles are predominately made of tasty cheese and prepared in a waffle iron; although you can use a pan if you like hard work.

Most chaffle recipes will require fresh eggs also. Since the addition of eggs is good for binding the cheese and adding more substance to the recipe. Eggs also are incredibly nutritious. There are variations of the basic chaffle recipe that exist and these make for some very tasty and intriguing alterations.

If you’re not a social media person, you probably think I’m nuts waffling on about keto chaffles. Let me explain a bit better so that the next some someone asks you what is a chaffle you know what to say. Chris Blagden

Who Invented the Original Chaffle Recipe?

Sometimes new word variations like ‘chaffle’ just seem to arrive out of the blue. Therefore tracking the origin of a new word is really rather tough. So who can actually take credit for the chaffle is up for some serious argument. There have been many credit chasers claiming the honor of inventing the basic recipe. After all there is a lot of kudos and recognition for creating chaffles. Yet it’s still pretty ambiguous where the term first manifested.

Some food derivative terms just get made up in random conversations; then catch on by way of social media becoming trendy and viral very fast. Bloggers and influences hoping to gain an extra edge promote the word and it snowballs. This could well be the case with the chaffle, only time will tell who really gets to take credit.

How I Discovered Chaffles For The First Time

Personally, I found the chaffle recipe and understanding of the term from listening and reading in on posts in our Facebook group and then browsing some of my favourite keto blogs. Not just ours but others also. Normally people talk waffle but in this case they were talking chaffle, lots of it. Talk everyday was of glorious chaffle recipes and discussion frequently centered on what was the best chaffle recipe for keto dieters right now?

Around the same time, I also jumped on Instagram which is great for food pics and straight away discovered some fabulous chaffle recipes. I also took it upon myself to learn what I needed to actually make chaffles. So that I could practice at home in my kitchen. The main thing you need besides basic ingredients is a waffle iron.

Which Waffle Iron Is Best For Making Chaffles?

Any half decent waffle iron will work, but the Dash mini waffle iron maker took over the Instagram community by storm and people have been raving about this particular waffle / chaffle iron.

You can pick this magnificent chaffle maker for under $10-15 at most kitchen appliance stores, but it’s also available online at a number of places including Amazon. If you need a full size waffle maker then this chaffle iron is also excellent.

Chaffles 101 – Your Questions Answered

Here we detail the questions and the answers to some of the most common questions posed by new chaffle chefs and keto dieters trying to learn how to make chaffles for the very first time.

How Many Eggs Do I Need To Make Chaffles?

One free range breakfast egg is usually enough for two mini waffles, you can make a breakfast sandwich from a single egg once you add the mix to your keto chaffle iron.

We recommend eggs from free range hens because hey the hens just have a nicer life. As for the waffle iron they come in a variety of kitchen friendly colors and the waffles come out perfect every single time. I nabbed the blue model. For clarity for the purpose of making a chaffle there is no difference between a chaffle iron and a waffle iron. It is the end recipe that is different, both will work with your appliance.


Can You Freeze Chaffles?

In most instances, yes you can. I’ve had no issues freezing these. But the reality is that they’re so easy that it takes no time to whip them up!

I find that an air fryer works best for reheating and making your chaffles taste even crunchier when you finally tuck in.

When Do You Eat Chaffles?

Most commonly chaffles are a breakfast recipe. However unless you are fasting there are no hard and fast rules. Cook a chaffle for lunch or dinner if you suddenly crave one.

Do Chaffles Taste Like Eggs?

This totally depends on how much egg you desire in your breakfast recipe. I find that most chaffles taste crispy, light and crunchy. The best advice is to experiment with different combinations and amounts of egg.

Pro Tip – If you sprinkle cheese in your waffle iron before putting the batter, the edges of your chaffles will get even crispier and crunchy.

What Do I Need To Make Chaffles?

keto breakfast chaffles

How delicious does this keto breakfast chaffle look, simply divine.

This list is not exhaustive but is a pretty decent place to begin. It comprises keto appliances, cooking aids and other productivity devices for your kitchen. Look at what you have already at home and draw a list of what you now need to go and purchase for your kitchen. A lot will depend on what variation of chaffle recipe you are hoping to try, skip to the 10 best chaffle recipes to take a look at some suggestions.

Cast Iron Skillet: ( just like this one ) to have at least one is an absolute, bonus points if you have a few in different sizes.Finding a high quality cast iron skillet will get the longer term value. Generally speaking you will find that these cast iron skillets will last for years to come. If you are not going to use a waffle iron then you will need a good pan or skillet for sure.

Mini Chaffle Iron: ( just like this one ) If your going to make chaffles the easy way then you need a chaffle iron. As already mentioned my favorite is the Dash chaffle iron but there are plenty of other models to choose from also. Plus you can grill all sorts of other small foods such as pineapples and pancakes. Trust me on a leisurely Sunday morning you won’t run out of ideas here at all.

Food Processor and Blender: ( just like this one ) A food processor and blender saves so much time working with your favourite recipes. If you are not using a chaffle iron then you may need a blender for some ingredients needed to make your delicious breakfast chaffle. A lot depends on what you want to make of course. A blender is always a good investment if you do not currently have on in the kitchen.

In fact a decent food processor or blender really opens up the door to loads more tasty recipe possibilities like; nut butters, cauliflower rice, light smoothies, yummy salad dressings, condiments and even blending butter in your coffee. Never mind some of the more adventurous chaffle recipes.

Now if you do not aspire to the thought of browsing through countless appliance review sites looking for the best food processor and blender we have done all the hard work for you. All you need is a spare five minutes of personal time to read through our very long ( and detailed ) best food processors for keto dieters. Do take a look as I assure you that reading this guide is time that is well spent.


10 of The Best Keto Chaffle Recipes

So here is my list of recommended keto chaffle recipes in no particular order. They are all a little bit different so take a look at them all. Now that you understand what is a chaffle you can jump to exploring the best chaffle recipes. In fact over the coming weeks and months there is ample time to try them all out in your breakfast kitchen. You can of course make breakfast chaffles all year round. They are not at all seasonal although some of the variations surely are.

Pumpkin Chaffle – From Low Carb Inspirations
Five Minute Cheddar Waffles – From Green and Keto
Cheesecake Chaffles – From Butter Together Kitchen
Keto Cinnamon Chaffles – From Hangry Woman
Taco Chaffle Shells – From Kasey Trenum
The Crispy Keto Waffle – From Fat Kitchen
Keto Blueberry Chaffle – From MidgetMomma
Keto Pizza Chaffles – From Green and Keto
Egg and Cheese Chaffle – From Officially Gluten Free
Keto Chocolate Chaffle – From Castle in the Mountains

So, Did You Make Some Tasty Keto Chaffles?

If you learn anything valuable from this chaffle keto post it is that firstly we are not talking waffle but instead educating you on exactly where the chaffle craze first came from and what is a chaffle. Then secondly learning precisely what you need to make delicious, healthy chaffle recipes in your home kitchen. Your next step is to start experimenting by attempting some of the recommended chaffle recipes on this page. Be sure to let us know your favorite chaffle recipe once you have tried a few of them.

Complimentary Chaffle 101 Infographic

Hopefully this chaffle makers feature post is full of valuable learning. Not only do you now know what is a chaffle, you also have access to 10 fabulous keto chaffle recipes. Please enjoy this complimentary chaffle 101 infographic for your blog or social media channels.

Complimentary Chaffle 101 Infographic

Complimentary Chaffle 101 Infographic : Share freely on social media

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