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Sara Louise's Keto Granola Recipe

Sara Louise's Keto Granola

Watch as granola goes all keto on you, totally yummy especially at breakfast time. Although you can gobble this tasty dish any time of the day.
Course Breakfast, Dessert
Cuisine American
Keyword granola, nuts, seeds
Servings 1 oz per serving
Calories 136kcal
Author Sara Louise



  • Preheat your kitchen oven to 350 degrees
  • Prepare two baking sheets lined with parchment paper
  • Set everything to one side
  • In a small pan heat up to low-medium heat ready to cook.
  • Mix sunflower and pumpkin seeds, adding two teaspoons of pink himalayan salt to the keto granola mix
  • Roast in pan between 3-5 minutes as you see fit.
  • Using a food processor coarsely ground all granola nuts and coconut chips and seeds, one at a time
  • When finished each one, add everything to a large mixing bowl
  • Add vanilla powder and cinnamon and mix everything together as well as you can.
  • Stir in some Swerve sweetener and coconut oil
  • When well mixed together use your hands to pick up the granola, squeezing handfuls together and dropping on parchment paper in an even manner to spread out as much as possible for even toasting in the oven
  • Place two trays of the mixture in the kitchen oven for around 20 minutes or more, depending on oven until slightly golden and smells divine.
  • Remove from oven and allow to cool completely until ready to serve up.
  • Or you can store the keto granola in airtight containers and enjoy later on and across the week, spot on!


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Calories: 136kcal | Carbohydrates: 2g | Protein: 200g | Fat: 16g | Saturated Fat: 22g | Sugar: 4g | Vitamin A: 245IU